Uncovered Tales
I am interested in a world of modern, yet timeless fantasy; folk tales with a dark side, stories with consequential morals. I've held onto the memories of books my parents read to me as a child, and I can still relive the sense of fear and excitement that I get from hearing them. My work is typically fashion-and-editorial based. Shooting digitally in color, I am drawn to the textures and layers I find in nature, and apply them to my props and backgrounds. I photograph models in full hair, makeup, and wardrobe to execute a particular narrative or stylistic vision. To me, being able to construct characters and transform them and their environment is an interesting way to create a fantasy of my own. In a style similar to my editorial work, I have focused on "The Grimm's Fairy Tales", a book collection first published in 1812 by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and "Der Struwwelpeter" - an 1845 German children’s book by Heinrich Hoffman. In illustrating these tales not often told to this generation, I have had an opportunity to revisit nostalgic feelings from my childhood and connect them to the present by reinterpreting them.
BLURBredridinghood.jpg BLURBredridinghood2.jpg BLURBsevenravens.jpg BLURBfrautrude.jpg BLURBcover.jpg BLURBfitchersbird.jpg BLURBpeter.jpg BLURBleanlisa.jpg BLURBhunter.jpg BLURBroses.jpg BLURBrobbers2.jpg BLURBwilfullchild.jpg
StarMoney_EKross.jpg BLURBrapunzel.jpg BLURBcleverelse.jpg BLURBrabbit.jpg DSC_0558_ec.jpg BLURBdiamondstoads.jpg BLURBhanselgretle.jpg BLURBflying.jpg BLURBrobbersbridegroom.jpg BLURBgoldenkey2.jpg BLURBharriet.jpg
BLURBthumbsucker.jpg rabbitsbride_ec.jpg BLURBbearskin.jpg BLURBoddsends.jpg BLURBpoorboy.jpg BLURBagustus.jpg BLURBgoldenkey1.jpg DSC_0354_ec.jpg BLURBoddsends2.jpg BigBadWolf_ec.jpg bearsskin_e.jpg
BLURBredridinghood.jpg StarMoney_EKross.jpg BLURBthumbsucker.jpg BLURBredridinghood2.jpg BLURBrapunzel.jpg rabbitsbride_ec.jpg BLURBsevenravens.jpg BLURBcleverelse.jpg BLURBbearskin.jpg BLURBfrautrude.jpg BLURBrabbit.jpg BLURBoddsends.jpg BLURBcover.jpg DSC_0558_ec.jpg BLURBpoorboy.jpg BLURBfitchersbird.jpg BLURBdiamondstoads.jpg BLURBagustus.jpg BLURBpeter.jpg BLURBhanselgretle.jpg BLURBgoldenkey1.jpg BLURBleanlisa.jpg BLURBflying.jpg DSC_0354_ec.jpg BLURBhunter.jpg BLURBrobbersbridegroom.jpg BLURBoddsends2.jpg BLURBroses.jpg BLURBgoldenkey2.jpg BigBadWolf_ec.jpg BLURBrobbers2.jpg BLURBharriet.jpg bearsskin_e.jpg BLURBwilfullchild.jpg