Webbed & Winged
This series of photographs draws its inspiration from the insect world. In a mystical manner, the repeated appearance of certain insects at times in my life and the lives of friends and family members have been both fascinating and occasionally, troubling. The praying mantis, for example, has made a prophetic appearance numerous times when loved ones have been in danger, acting as angel-protector, or gatekeeper of secrets. Enlightened by literature and fables, and the shared stories of others, I chose to personify a number of insects and their habitats in this illustrative series. Meet a moth drawn to the light against her will, and a firefly who hypnotically glows. Find the devious, trapping spider, and the helpless beetle held captive in its dwelling. The graceful dragonfly blesses us, while the praying mantis exposes the sin for which it prays. The models in this series were styled by local designers Christina Agashi, Heartless Revival, Renee Masoomian, Blckbts, Modern Misfit, Grace Martin, and Corset Girl. My Collaborator, Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Jamie Leigh Matteucci, contributed her interpretation of each insect in this photographic narrative.
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